Preparing for your new bundle of joy

Appalachian Goldendoodles

We thank you for adopting your new family member from us at AppalachianGoldendoodles
This is such an exciting day... bringing home your new puppy! 😊
We have listed a few items to prepare for your new little family member.
Goldendoodles (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) Is an Amazon book, Our puppy owners liked

Please do not give your puppy or adult dog Oral Flea Medications, There are numerous problems making the puppies/dogs very sick!

Your puppy eats three times a day, about one cup per feeding. They will not eat all of the puppy food but we always like to offer extra, they will stop eating when they are full
Hills Science Lamb Meal and Rice is what we are feeding Our puppies and adults
Puppy food here (link)
Adult food here (link)
Peanut Butter Banana Treats here (link)
Training Treats here (link)
When they get to be a year old you can feed them twice a day, usually at the times you eat as they are very social. (Morning and Evening)
KONG Classic Dog Toy We recommend this toy, you can stuff it with peanut butter and other treats
Interested in making your own healthy treats for the dogs,
Check out the recipes here
Other dog chew toys here
Pet's Choice Naturals Cow Hooves Dog Treats. They are a little smelly, but they love them (You might want to give it to them outside)
No raw hides please, they swallow them and they don't fully digest and may cause a blockage.
Please clean their ears like you do your own with Q-tips if you can see in there you can clean it.
Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats I use only a small squirt of this into their ears after I pull the hair our, this helps loosen the ear wax. Take their ears and gently massage for a couple of seconds. You can take a small wash cloth using your finger to wipe it out then use the Q-tips to into the small areas of the ear. Here is a video on how to do it
Black Diamond Equipment Spot 350 Headlamp I use this to see in the ears better when I clean them
Four Paws Magic Coat Slicker Brush for Dogs This is what we use and recommend for brushing your dog
Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution This is one Dog Trainer that we like to watch on Youtube
Please wait until your puppy has had his rabies vaccine at four months, before you take him to any place public where other doggies have been. (They can pick up parasites from their paws)
Your puppy hasn't been in a crate. He will miss his mommy and litter mates. It is helpful the first few nights if you will put his crate next to your bed :-) they should sleep through the night. Most of our puppies potty train pretty quickly and if you put a little bell by the door they will learn to ring the bell to go out and go potty, Praise them and give them a small treat.
MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate, Single Door We recommend a large 42" crate with a divider in it, this helps with potty training. As they do not like to potty/poop where they eat. This one comes with a divider which can be removed when the puppy gets bigger.
Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen that connects to the kennel for a play area.
EZwhelp Pee Pads for Dogs
When we ship our puppies through airlines we use United most of the time, we have had great service with them,
Here is some information about flying with United airlines
We will send a small piece of puppy blanket home with their mommy and litter mates scent on it to comfort them
Your puppy will have an appointment with Our Veterinarian prior to coming home with their new families when they are six weeks old. They will receive their first vaccine at six weeks, They will be up to date on vaccines and de-wormed three times at 2, 4 and 6 weeks
They will need to visit your Vet when they are 9 weeks old for their next vaccine
Please wait until your puppy is four months old and received their last vaccine and rabies before you take him to any public parks where other dogs have been.
I would also wait to take for puppy walks in your neighborhood, they can pick up parasites from their paws
We will send their shot records and microchip for your Vet to keep on record.
They should be spayed/neutered between ten months to a year old (No earlier please)
We are here for you......lifetime support.
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Please share your photos of your family and new family member with us :-)
We would love to see and share on Facebook some pictures as your puppy grows (and with holiday/fun costumes too)
It has been our pleasure
Have a Happy Doodle Day!

John & Marcy