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Appalachian Goldendoodles

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All of Our puppies are $2150.
There is a $500 deposit that is included in the total cost

Yes, you can come and visit, please call us at least 72 hrs in advance to schedule a time with us.
The puppies must be a minimum of 6 weeks old and have their vaccinations

We are located 1 hour north of Asheville going north on I-26 outside Johnson City. Tn 1/2 hour south of Bristol, Va

Yes, shipping is available. Please contact us. We like to use Delta and United

Send a $500 non-refundable deposit to us using paypal to reserve your puppy from a current or planned litter. (Click this link here to make a deposit)
You can also send a personal check for the deposit if you don't want to use paypal.
Your deposit will only be accepted if you plan to pick your puppy up when they are ready to go.
We no longer keep puppies once they are ready to go to their new families.
Click here to make a deposit on a puppy
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No, the $500 deposit is not refundable.
We do this because some people will put their names on several breeder’s lists and take the first available puppy.
From very early on we begin looking for the characteristics and personality traits in our puppies that are best for each family on our list.
When there is a non-refundable deposit involved the chances are a lot higher that the party will be dedicated to picking a puppy from us and will not make an impulsive decision to buy the first puppy they see.
Your deposit is made to hold a puppy for you and to reserve your spot.

Yes, you will be able to choose what puppy you want.
Since we are around the puppies from birth and are aware of their personalities we can suggest which puppy will fit into the lifestyle of your family but ultimately you will choose which puppy you want based on our opinions or yours.

Yes, all of our English Teddybear Goldendoodles are sold with a two year health warranty against genetic hip, elbow, eye and heart defects.
Download the 2 year guarantee here

No, but we do require spay/neuter be performed by the time your puppy is between 10-12 months of age.
Spay/Neuter prevents breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer in females and testicular and prostate cancers in males.
A neutered male does not have the sexual tendencies of a non-neutered male such as running off for females in heat, humping, frequent marking of his territory, etc.
Spay/Neuter is also the only way to guarantee the prevention of unwanted litters.

For the sake of responsible pet ownership, all our puppies are sold with a spay/neuter requirement in our Purchase Agreement/Health Warranty.
This helps us do our part in fighting the problem of pet-overpopulation and irresponsible breeding practices.
We may sell puppies for breeding to responsible established breeders, please contact us for more information if you are interested in Breeding Rights.

The wonderful personality of the English Goldendoodle is not sex specific.
Males and females are equally great pets. Many people have various reasons for preferring one sex over the other, most of which are stereotypical. Both males and females are affectionate, playful, intelligent, trainable, and loyal. A neutered male is likely to squat to pee instead of hiking his leg, and if he does hike his leg he’ll pee all in one spot instead of in several different places to mark his territory.
A neutered male does not have the tendencies of a non-neutered male such as running off to look for females in heat, humping, aggressive toward other male dogs, etc.
Spayed females do not have a heat cycle so you do not have to deal with bothersome bleeding during their cycle or personality changes that can come with the hormones. 

First Generation (F1)
A first generation hybrid Goldendoodle is the product of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. As first generation hybrids, these dogs have the added health benefits associated to Hybrid Vigour. This is a phenomenon in animal breeding referring to the fact that the first cross between two unrelated purebred lines is healthier and grows better than either parent line.
Coat Maintenance: moderate to high care
Coat Description: Coat grows to a natural body length of 3-5 inches which requires combing and occasional grooming. Many choose to have the fur cut back once every few months to keep the fur shorter and easier to maintain. Coats are usually wavy or curly, with a rare shorter hair coat.
Shedding: mostly very light to nonshedding
Allergy Friendliness: usually successful in families with mild allergies.
First Generation (F1B)
A F1B pup is the result of a hybrid bred back to one of its breeds of origin. From a genetic standpoint a backcross pup is a first generation cross. As breeders are breeding towards nonshedding and allergy friendliness, a backcross Goldendoodle is generally the product of a Goldendoodle bred to a Poodle. The resulting dog is, on average, 1/4 Golden Retriever and 3/4 Poodle.
Although there is less vigour in this crossing than in the original hybrid, the first generation backcross still is close enough in the breeding tree to benefit from hybrid vigour.
Coat Maintenance: moderate to high care
Coat Description: Coat continues to grow in length although similar in appearance to a first generation Goldendoodle. Coats are wavy or curly.
Shedding: very light to nonshedding
Allergy Friendliness: recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.

Yes, all of our puppies are born in our home and We are with each mother as they are delivering. We often pull each pup from their birth sac once delivered and cut their cords and get them pre cleaned for the mother and she does the rest after that. The puppies stay in our home until they go to your home.

We use Datamars microchips in all of our puppies
We are using the latest ISO 15 digit, 134.2 kHz microchips that can be read in the United States and Overseas if you travel.
When you get your new puppy, you can register online at
Unlike other forms of pet ID, a microchip cannot be removed or falsified
PetLink keeps your personal information safely stored and password-protected online
One time registration fee is valid for the life of your pet – no annual or renewal fees!
24/7/365 Pet Recovery Hotline 1-877-738-5465