Puppyproofing your home

Plants Can Be Dangerous

Like a baby, puppies explore the world by putting everything in their mouths. There are many plants that can be harmful to dogs resulting in vomiting, diarrhea or even organ failure. Research all of the plants you have in your home currently and make sure they are not harmful to dogs.

Keep Medications in a Safe Place

Put all of your medicines and your pet’s medicines kept up in a safe place. Many of us are guilty of laying our pills on the counter and then coming back to take them later in the day. It’s important to stop this habit because your dog could get to them before you.
If your pup is a determined chewer, he may be able to chew through the plastic of a pill container so be sure to keep the containers in a safe place too. Consider keeping your pills in a high cabinet or drawer in your bathroom or kitchen. Be sure to keep the drawer or cabinet closed too. 

Dog Proof Trash Can

Dogs get into trash cans easily. Something about the smell of garbage just gets dogs excited. Bathroom trash can be dangerous with razors and kitchen trash can be life-threatening with toxic foods to dogs. Keep your trash in a higher place your dog cannot reach and in a container that covers the top so it is not open.

Cleaning Supplies Are Toxic

Cleaning supplies include chemicals which are toxic to all animals and people. So keeping them in an enclosed area, away from your pets is important. A high shelf in a closet is always a good idea. Don’t forget to keep that closet closed.

Cords and Puppies Don’t Go Together

Electrical cords are like the treat of all treats to a puppy. They love to chew on earbuds and cords to anything and everything. Unfortunately, there’s going to be cords in your home. But be sure to keep wires protected or in a safe place and watch your pup to make sure he’s not chewing on electrical cords. You can also get spiral cable wrap, cord concealers or PVC pipe to keep your dog from getting to your cords

Put Away Small Objects

Now is the time where you need to be cleaner than ever. No more leaving your earrings on the end table or your bobby pins on the kitchen sink. Puppies can get into anything so make sure you’re putting things away where they belong. Pick up after yourself and stay vigilant! Taking your dog to the vet and seeing an x-ray of his abdomen full of bobby pins, q-tips and other unappetizing objects is not ideal. So keep those objects out of reach from your dog.

Don’t Let Your Dog Get In Your Cat’s Litter Box

It’s gross but many dogs like to explore the kitty litter box. Not only is this disgusting but it’s also dangerous. Cat litter can cause health problems if ingested and if the cat has any health issues they could be passed on to your dog. Place the cat litter box in an area your dog cannot access.
Perhaps get a baby gate and place it behind the gate. You can raise the gate up a little to allow your cat to go under it (unless the dog is smaller too) or you can simply have your cat jump over the gate 

Consider Dog Proof Rugs

You can dog proof rugs by purchasing ones with small patterns and dark colors. That way less hair is shown on large chunks of solid, light colors. You can also purchase rugs meant for outdoors to use indoors since many times they are more durable and easier to clean.

Backyard Safety For Dogs

You can puppy proof backyard by getting a dog proof fence. What is a dog proof fence? Basically,, a fence that cannot be jumped over or dug beneath by your dog. This will vary by each dog.


Like children, puppies need a lot of sleep—up to 15 to 20 hours of it a day. The American Kennel Club strongly advises dog owners to resist the urge to disturb napping puppies, because sleep is critical for a young canine's developing brain, muscles, and immune system. Puppy owners should also establish a designated sleeping space on their pup's behalf so they can snooze undisturbed.