Our Sires

Appalachian Goldendoodles

Romeo. Our Red AKC Standard Poodle


Our AKC Standard Poodle

He has a loving sweet temperament and is very laidback, loves to cuddle
Weighing 50 pounds and 28 inches at the shoulders 

Cooper. Our AKC Stndard Poodle


Our AKC Standard Poodle 

He is very affectionate and playful!
He has Champions in his bloodline
Weighing 75 pounds and 28 inches at the shoulders

Harley. Our AKC Standard Poodle


Our AKC Standard Poodle 

Has a sweet and gentle temperament
He has 36 Champions in his pedigree including Jack Frost of the Poconos
Weighing 50 pounds stands 24 inches at the shoulders

Our Red F1 English Goldendoodle


Our Red F1 English Goldendoodle

He has a gorgeous red coat, and has a very sweet nature.
He is a character :-)  
Weighing 40 pounds and 20 inches at the shoulders

Daisy. Our F1 English Goldendoodle


AKC Minature Red Poodle

He is a very sweet and gentle natured, who loves to be loved.
He likes playing with his puppies
He weighs 12lbs and is 14 inches at the shoulders