Our Sires

Appalachian Goldendoodles

Sire Giorgio


Our AKC Standard Tri Color Parti Poodle

Weighing 55 lbs and 25 inches at the shoulders
Our handsome Giorgio is extremely Goofy, affectionate and loves to cuddle.
He is the Sire for Our Bernedoodles 
He is genuinely sweet, will look at you and "love you"
Loves to run and rough house with the other dogs

Our Sire Patches


Our AKC Moyen Parti Poodle

AKC Moyen Parti Poodle
Weighing 35 lbs and 20 inches at the shoulders
Quite charming, loving and adorable
We are very excited about adding Patches to Our breeding program!
He will be the Sire to Our Mini Goldendoodles
Patches and Piper are brother and sister
If he gets close to your face he will nibble on your ears softly

Our Sire Teddy


Our AKC Standard Poodle

Weighing at 44 lbs and 23 inches at the shoulders
He is our newest addition to our family
He is very sweet and laid back and has a beautiful apricot coat
When rough housing with the other dogs when he wants their attention will jump up in the air and do a 180* and then run around the dog he wants to play with